Crunchy Shrimp Rolls

Last weekend I tried making crunchy shrimp rolls. This was the first time I worked with shrimp, as well as the first time I had to tempura fry anything. They came out well, but I think they really needed some spicy sauce. Maybe it’s time to pick up some spicy mayonnaise or wasabi. I made some of these rolls both inside and uramaki but the uramaki came out rather poorly, so I’ll save that report for another time.


Tempura-battered shrimp

Green onion


Sushi Rice


As usual, I began my preparations by cooking the sushi rice. While it was cooking, I prepared the other ingredients, which were tempura battered shrimp, green onion and avocado. Green onions can be found in your grocery section, very inexpensively. I got my bunch of green onions at the Asian supermarket for $.20. First I cut the green onion into a nice 8″ strip.

After I was done with the green onion, I prepared the avocado by slicing one half into thin slivers  and  arranged it into an 8″ strip.  avocado strips, ready to be laid on nori

avocado for crunchy shrimp roll

The avocado in the pictures above is slightly discolored. (e.g. the brown spots) This can be fixed by using fresher avocados and not refrigerating them for storage, as this will cause the discoloration.

The last step was to halve the tempura-fried shrimp and arrange them into an approximate 8″ strip on the nori. I like to leave the two end pieces of the shrimp in whole sections, or try to keep the tails intact because part of the effect of a crunchy shrimp roll is seeing the decorative tail.An 8' strip of tempura shrimp, ready to be placed on the nori.

After I laid all the ingredients on the roll (sorry no picture of that) , I just rolled it up like usual, cut into pieces, and served. I’m not especially crazy about the flavor of green onions, but lots of other people like it, and it was well-received. Notice the shrimp visible sticking out of the end of the roll.Final shot of the rolls in all their glory

The full roll, with shrimp sticking out of the ends.

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  1. a French fishing boat was about to legally catch an entire school of tuna, many of them undoubtedly juveniles.

  2. Shrimp says:

    So, today is Wednesday and I was searching around for shrimp on google and you came number 3 in the UK, Just thought you would like to know

  3. Kacie Augle says:

    Thanks again for the blog article.Really thank you! Awesome.

  4. this looks like it tastes better than it looks… yumm!!! :D

    • David says:

      What a backhanded Yeah I need to buy a better camera and take these pictures in high-resolution glory. They were tasty though! :D

  5. David says:

    I would suggest subscribing with email updates if you really want to follow my RSS. That would be the easiest way to follow when I have new posts. Thanks for reading!

  6. iori says:

    looks* actually wanting to master cooking sushi because i love to eat it.i would want to see an eel recipe.

    • David says:

      Thanks for the comment iori. I’d like to feature an eel recipe in the future. Keep checking back or subscribe for updates and you’ll probably see your dreams come true!

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