How to Make an Inside-Out Spicy Scallop and Crab Roll

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Inside-Out Spicy Scallop and Crab

(This is a guest post recipe. Thanks to user Rachel who submitted this awesome recipe in the comments section a couple months ago).

This is a twist to the regular spicy scallop recipe you’d find in a Japanese sushi restaurant. If you like crab and tobiko, this recipe is for you. You get the kick of the scallop with the sweetness of the crab. Yum!

Yields: 4 rolls – 32 pieces
Total Rolling Time: about 10 minutes per roll – 40 minutes total
• 1/3 pound of sashimi grade scallops
• 2 T tobiko (flying fish roe)
• 4 sheets of nori
• 3 – 4 C of sushi rice
• ¾ – 1 C of crab or kani kama (imitation crab)
• 1 avocado
• ½ of a cucumber
• 3 T of toasted sesame seeds (more or less to taste)
• 3 T of spicy mayonnaise (or to taste)
• Soy sauce & pickled ginger to be served for accompaniment

1. Rinse, pat dry and dice the scallops into about 1/3 inch pieces.
2. Fold the tobiko and scallops into the spicy mayonnaise. Cover and refrigerate it if you aren’t making the rolls right away.
3. Place the nori shiny side down on the bamboo mat. Moisten your hands and grab about ¾ C of sushi rice. Place the rice in the center of the nori and press down and outwards with the rice, spreading it to the edges (take more rice as needed).
4. Sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds over the rice and then flip it over so the rice is now on the bamboo mat. Try and place the nori closer towards you and closer to the end of the bamboo mat.
5. Slice the cucumber into slivers. Also, cut the avocado length-wise, take out the seed and peel. Cut the avocado into thin slices (try and do this step as close to when you stuff the roll because avocados tend to brown pretty quickly).
6. Off-center and closer towards you, spread ¼ of the spicy scallop mixture across the length of the nori. Lay about ¼ C or a little less of the kani kama across the spicy scallops. Lay ¼ of the cucumber slivers on the crab and ¼ of the avocado on the cucumbers. *If you notice the slices of cucumber and avocado are thick, then you may need to use less of these in your rolls. Otherwise the rolls may be overstuffed and split as you roll them.
7. Lift the mat that is closest to you with your thumbs and with your fingers, place them over the fillings to keep them in place as you roll. Roll the mat over the fillings until it touches straight down on the nori, which encloses the fillings completely. Lift up the edge of the mat with your dominant hand, and hold the roll with your non-dominant, and continue rolling the mat away from you.
8. With the mat still covering the roll, shape it by cupping it down the length of the roll. Uncover the roll and place it on a clean surface for cutting. Dampen your knife and cut the roll into 8 equal bite sizes.
9.Continue with the previous steps for the 3 remaining nori sheets.

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