How to Make Dragon Roll Sushi


Dragon Rolls are really pretty sushi rolls. They usually cost quite a bit if you want to order them at a restaurant because they’re categorized as “specialty rolls” or something like that. In reality, a dragon roll doesn’t contain that much for special ingredients. Here’s a simple recipe to make dragon roll makuzushi.

You will need:

Roasted Eel



Sushi Rice


This roll is going to be rolled up as an thick outside roll. The first few steps are really simple, just like you are rolling up any other outside roll. Spread a thin layer of rice on the nori. Don’t worry about leaving a lip on the top of the seaweed; this an outside roll,  so you’re going to be turning it over. Once you’ve flipped the seaweed, place the eel and cucumber on the bare seaweed and roll it up. You might want to re-roast the eel a little bit, just to warm it up, but it should be already cooked from wherever you purchased it.

The final step for the dragon roll is the avocado topping. A really nice-looking way to put the avocado on is to  cut many thin strips off of a hunk of avocado. spread the strips out so that they are slightly overlapping and you can pick them all up in one go with the flat side of your knife. Lay them along the length of the top of the roll, and then use the bamboo mat to press on the top lightly and shape the avocado into the roll. You can put down a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the roll so that the squishing doesn’t result in avocado being stuck in the bamboo mat. Slice and enjoy!

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