How to Make Spicy Tuna Rolls

So while I was home for the winter break, I had the opportunity to buy some fantastic yellowtail tuna. I decided this would be a good opportunity to try making some spicy tuna rolls, which are a regular standby favorite for many at sushi restaurants. They require a little bit more preparation than usual but were still pretty simple to put together.


Japanese Spicy Mayonnaise

1/2 cup finely cubed Tuna

Sushi Rice


This was perhaps one of the easiest recipes so far as actual assembly went. Follow the link above in the ingredients list for my recipe for Japanese spicy mayo. Now to cube the tuna, you’re going to want fairly small pieces of tuna, perhaps half of a centimeter wide and long.

When I had chopped half of a cup of tuna, I tossed it with two tablespoons of mixed spicy mayo until the pieces of tuna were well coated. If you want the tuna mixture to be less liquid-like, you can use a little less mayo.









With the tuna totally coated, I was able to spoon it onto the prepared nori and rice in a strip and wrap it up just as I would wrap up a normal roll.








The final product looked great and tasted delicious too!

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  1. Spicy Tuna Roll Recipe Spicy tuna roll is made with tuna trimmings and fat is added to make it creamier. It is very tasty. Tuna Rolls also give similar taste I hope.

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