How to Make Tuna Rolls


A picture of some delicious fresh tuna rolls and tuna rolls with cucumber

Regular tuna rolls on the top left, tuna-cucumber rolls in the bottom right. Yum...


Yesterday I had a BBQ. I had 17 guests and it all went down pretty well. I served grilled hamburgers, shrimp and sushi rolls (tuna). They came out pretty well, all in all, although I think the rice was a little too wet. It wouldn’t stick together enough for nigiri, but it made a delicious tuna (maguro in Japanese!) roll!

After I made those, my friend Chloe made another batch and put some fresh cucumber in for some crunch.¬†Here’s the recipe for the tuna rolls we made.


Sushi Rice


Fresh  Tuna (about 4 oz will do)

Fresh Cucumber

I went to the supermarket and found a lovely piece of fresh tuna. I knew I didn’t need too large of a piece, so I only got a small chunk. Since you’re only buying one ingredient (the tuna) to make a tuna roll, don’t be afraid to splurge a little bit. Paying $20/lb. is NOT unreasonable for sashimi grade tuna.Carefully cutting the tuna...

A beautiful slab of fresh tuna.

Once I had my strips of tuna, it was an easy step to place them on my rolled out rice on the nori. If you if you don’t know how to use nori or about making sushi rice, you should look at my guides before you get to this point.

..from another angle

Lay the tuna on the rice like so...

From here, it was a simple matter of cutting the large green roll into pieces. First I cut the roll in half, then doubled up the two halves and cut each of them into halves, then quarters. I wish I had a sharper knife. A sharp knife is very important for learning how to make sushi.


..then cut up the maki roll like so

The proper way to divided up the maki roll into pieces, quick and efficient.


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2 Responses to How to Make Tuna Rolls

  1. where do you buy the rolling mats? thnks :D

    • David says:

      Hey Steve. I actually got my bamboo rolling mat for about $2.50 at the Super H-Mart near Doraville, GA (about 20 minutes north of Atlanta).

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