Vegetarian Sushi

This past weekend, my parents came to visit. Now my parents both eat and enjoy fish (in fact, it’s the only meat my father WILL eat) but they were both squeamish about trying raw fish so I figured this would be a good weekend to try some vegetarian sushi. I had some fresh vegetables, but no specific recipe, so I thought I’d just roll them up in the sushi rice and nori and see what happened.


Any vegetables you have around that you want to try. I used carrots and cucumbers, along with avocado

Sushi Rice


Vegetarian sushi can have any variety of ingredients. What you see pictured here is avocado, cucumber and shredded carrot. Preparation was a snap.I shredded the carrots into a small bowl and sliced the avocado into thin strips.









I used baby carrots (prepared, no fuss, and usually fresher and better tasting) and long peeled chunks of cucumber, prepared as usual into 8′ strips of a quarter-inch square. I laid these all neatly lengthwise onto the rice and then rolled it all up.










Absolutely Delicious!

My parents loved the vegetarian sushi and I have to say, for something with no fish in it, it didn’t taste half bad.

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11 Responses to Vegetarian Sushi

  1. Anish says:

    This is beautiful sir! Wow!

  2. this is great for vegetarians :D you may also try asparagus… i love them not just for sushi! :D very informative post by the way :D

  3. Sushi rice and Sushi foods are very delicious food, I like most.

  4. I love making sushi at home and I will put avocado in pretty much everything. Thus us a great article and you can find recipes for tons of other rolls at a website I use that has a lot of sushi info:

  5. Kate says:

    Try using butternut squash, sweet potato, courgette (zucchini), roasted brocolli, sprinkle of sesame seeds, bit of spring onion, some chilli mixed in a bit of mayo, some roasted baby corn, roasted carrot… yum! Forget the fish!

  6. wzl says:

    @Kate: When you use butternut squash or sweet potatoes, do you cook it first, or just slice/shred it very thinly? I am interested in expanding my sushi menu.

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